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What's the Difference Between 3 and 4 Season Sunrooms?

June 30, 2019

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A sunroom in Kansas City is an excellent choice for any home, offering lots of sun exposure and fresh air while still providing protection from harsh weather conditions. Sunrooms come in all sizes and styles and are often built around your home’s structure and design, as well as your budget!

While sunrooms offer many benefits over decks in Kansas City and other outdoor spaces, you might wonder the difference between three and four season sunrooms, and which is the better choice for your home. While a sunroom contractor in Kansas City can offer lots of advice for your home and needs in particular, note a few factors to consider about various sunroom designs.

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The Difference Between 3 and 4 Season Sunrooms

The basic differences between a three and four season sunroom is the framing design and composition, and glass used for windows. Thermally engineered framing, including steel or vinyl, is used for a four-season sunroom, as well as insulated window glass. This framing and thick glass allows a homeowner to heat and cool the sunroom just as you would any other room of the home.

A three-season sunroom is often constructed with aluminum framing. Aluminum framing is cheaper than steel or vinyl but is not engineered to reduce heat loss. A four-season sunroom often includes thermal, triple-glazed windows that keep out exterior heat and cold, whereas a three-season sunroom might include standard double-glazed windows. In turn, a three-season sunroom might be more difficult to heat and far less comfortable for use during wintertime.

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Choosing Between a 3 and 4 Season Sunroom

Your budget might help determine the choice of sunroom that is best for you and your family, but consider how you would use a sunroom in your home. Some families might want a sunroom for added living space, giving the adults a place to enjoy some quiet time while the kids watch a movie in the family room! You might also be looking for a place to entertain friends, in a comfortable space with room for everyone.

In those cases, a four-season sunroom is often a better choice for your home. However, if you know you would only use your sunroom when outside weather conditions are optimal, you might not need to invest in a costlier four-season space. For the homeowner who needs a spot to enjoy summertime sun or cool autumn breezes, a three-season sunroom is typically sufficient and will offer you all the space you need in your home.

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