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Luxury IPE Decking in Kansas City, MO

IPE Decking Kansas City - We're a Company That Does it Right!

IPE (pronounced EE-pay) is a tropical hardwood native to South America. It is one of the most durable and long-lasting woods available, making it an ideal choice for decking, fencing, and other outdoor applications. Are you looking for IPE decking Kansas City? Well, friend, you've come to the right place! 

Our contractors have been designing, building, and installing this luxurious decking style since 2009. Our team is fully prepared to take on even the most challenging deck designs and buildouts. Would you enjoy having a complimentary consultation with us? Please contact our office now to schedule an appointment. We hope to build your next deck!
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Why is IPE decking a Preferred Choice?

Do you know that IPE hardwood decking is a top choice among homeowners in the local area? You might be wondering why that is. Below, we list some incredible benefits of choosing this style of deck:

*Durability: One of the most durable woods available, making it a great choice for areas that are exposed to the elements
*Longevity: Lasts for centuries, making it a very cost-effective choice in the long run
*Strong & Dependable: Naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects, so you won't have to worry about your deck being damaged
*Attractiveness: IPE has a beautiful, rich color and a smooth, even grain
*Sustainability: Harvested from well-managed forests, so you can be sure that your purchase is environmentally friendly

Overall, IPE decking is a great choice for those who are looking for durable, long-lasting, and attractive wood for their outdoor projects.
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Are You Tired of Fixing Your Current Deck?

It can be a real pain in the pocketbook when you must constantly repair your current decking system. Our team can fix the issue whether your deck is outdated, past its warranty, or built from low-quality material. Choosing Ipe hardwood is an excellent choice because it is alluring and long-lasting. 

es, it does tend to cost a bit more than wood or PVC, initially speaking. However, the material pays for itself over time as you won't need repair or maintenance measures are very low. If you'd like to learn more about Ipe decking, we strongly encourage you to visit the frequently updated company blog page HERE.
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Count On the Deck Builders of Kansas City

The Deck Builders of Kansas City is dedicated to creating unique decking systems for residential and commercial customers. We only use the best materials, tools, and equipment the industry offers. Plus, you'll receive a FREE consultation and estimate from our builders. You can count on us for the lowest prices in the local area, and that's a promise. We hope you'll take a moment to browse our photo gallery to see the previous decks we've built, including Ipe varieties.
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Dustin and his team were very professional, timely and responsive. Their bid was competitive and he was able to get the work done in a very timely manner. Working with Dustin was an easy and non stressful partnership. I love my new deck and fence!
- Bernadette
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