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Excellent Pressure Treated Decking in Kansas City

Pressure Treated Decking Kansas City - Making Beautiful Decks a Part of Everyday Life

We are taking decks to the next level of strength and longevity by offering pressure treated decking Kansas City. Our company has over twenty years of experience in providing its customers. When we came across pressure-treated wood years ago, we knew we had to make it available to residential and commercial clients. 

It's quite possibly the best way to preserve a wood deck. If you'd like more information about this decking style, we invite you to visit the company blog page. You'll find it to be filled with vital information. In the meantime, please reach out to our contractors now and get scheduled for your new deck design.
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What are the Benefits of Pressure Treated Deck Materials?

There are numerous reasons to opt for pressure treated deck lumber in Kansas City, MO. We'll dive into a few key points right now so you can fully understand why treated wood is the way to go:

*It protects wood from rot and insect infestations
*The high copper content in pressure treated wood makes it perfect for decking
*Pressured wood can retain copious amounts of water without issue
*Chemicals used in pressure treated to ward off bugs
*Due to a long lifespan, you can enjoy your treated deck for decades

We hope you'll take the plunge and hop aboard the pressure treated decking train. It's an excellent investment that boosts the value of your property and ultimately gives your home or business better curb appeal.
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Are There Different Types of Pressure Treated Decking to Pick From?

Treated deck lumber comes in three forms: borate, alkaline copper quaternary, and non-combustible. Each type is processed differently based on your needs and your use of wood. Borate is processed using water-based mineral salts and is great for keeping mold, fungi, mildew, and insects away. 

Alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) wood is treated with eco-friendly solutions that consist of copper and ammonium alkyl. Lastly, noncombustible wood is treated not to explode and isn't typically used in residential settings as it is not necessary unless you're into science experiments. So, which type of treated wood should you use for your deck? We typically recommend borate or ACQ.
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Choosing The Deck Builders of Kansas City is Your Best Option

The Deck Builders of Kansas City is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our clients can depend on us for top-notch decking systems built according to their specifications. We offer superior custom decking, including pressure-treated wood options, PVC, and metal accessories. 

Features like handrails, balconies, stairs, and ramps are all add-on items that we design and install frequently. Have you taken a look at our featured image gallery? You'll see previous projects and maybe gain inspiration for your next deck or patio. We're just a phone call away, or you can use our convenient online contact form.
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